Why Custom?

Better Value
You will get more rod for your money with a custom rod. We don't have the advertising and administrative overhead that the big firms do-- you aren't paying for a glossy spread in a magazine. We use top of the line components, rather than what is most cost efficient. You also receive personalized attention and fitting-- something that you can only dream of at a big box store.

Better Quality
We are artisans, rather than production workers paid $10/hr to wrap rods. We want to make sure that your rod will last for a lifetime. As fishermen, we strive to build rods that we don't want to let leave the shop! Our assembly process is much more involved than the major manufacturers who will spend around one hour total on a rod-- we spend at least five, if not ten or fifteen hours on each rod we make!

More Choices & Control!
You will get EXACTLY the rod you want, as you will be able to pick and customize your thread colors, grip shape, reelseats, reelseat inserts, guides...everything, right down to the hookkeeper orientation! Good luck doing THAT with a major manufacturer! Click here to be taken to our online store to start configuring YOUR rod right now.

Equal (or Lesser!) Cost
It's not as expensive as you might think! For the same $500 that you might spend on a big name, you can get a rod from us that is built on 57 or 60 million modulus graphite, complimented by the latest in guide technology, and finished up with a beautiful custom-turned reelseat and precise thread work. Did we mention that it would be custom fitted to you and your casting stroke?