Fitting Process

Step 1: Interview
One of the easiest ways for us to figure out which rod may match you is to discuss your needs! Whether it be by email or phone, we want to hear what you are looking for in a rod-- whether it be an ultra-fast action cannon, a light, sensitive rod, a fish fighting broomstick... Once we know more about what you want your rod to be able to do, we can work towards getting you an exact match!

Step 2: Casting Test
To provide us with an accurate baseline for analysis, we request that you do the following casting test-- it's easiest with a friend running the stopwatch and counting your casts.

Step 3: Questionnaires
The third step in our fitting process is for you to fill out one of our questionnaires below. We use these questionnaires to help in discerning exactly how a rod will be used from day to day-- basically, making sure that you'll be happy fishing your new rod in your most common fishing situations!

Step 4: Recommendation
We will analyze your casting test and questionnaire results, as well as any input you've given us, and give you a recommendation for a rod from our lineup. 95% of the time, one of our rods is a great match-- if we don't have anything that does exactly what you're looking for, we'll tell you that, too, and give you pointers about who might be able to help you! We want to make sure you're happy with your purchase, even if it's not from us!

Step 5: Configure and Purchase!
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