Inexpensive but by no means cheap, our McKenzie rods are ideal for travelers, new fishermen, and those who prefer a more moderate-action rod.

Fall River
For the smallest of small streams, our ultralight Fall River rods are incredibly fun to fish and won't break the bank! Moderate-fast action.

Our all-purpose trout rod, the Metolius is equally at home dropping #26 midges as throwing a #4 stonefly. Moderate-fast action, quick recovery, and light weight make the Metolius a customer favorite!

A tip-oriented rod, made to cast a large range of lines and flies. The Deschutes are ultra-fast action (Fast++, we call 'em!) rods with plenty of backbone for anything you might hook, yet they retain a surprising level of finesse.

Deschutes XL
A 10' version of our popular Deschutes series, the XL is great for float tubing, single-hand Spey casting, or indicator nymphing. A slightly slower action (yet still plenty fast!) than the original Deschutes assists in roll-casting and mending.

Deschutes 2H
Using the same core technology as the Deschutes XL, the Deschutes 2H are designed to be casted two-handed for long-distance deliveries. Great rods for shooting heads and heavy sinking lines! They can also serve as short spey or 'switch' rods when lined appropriately.

McKenzie Spey
Inexpensive but by no means cheap, our McKenzie Spey rods are a fast-action European style rod that match up well with short-head lines for long and accurate casts.